Digital Theater Place 第二弾 Verdi's Operas 販売中 Both PC & Smartphone Editions

 Digital Theater Place、第一弾の Enjoy Viewing Ballets in Digital Theater Place


Ballet の場合と同じく、main market を に設定しているので、すべてドル建てですべて英語になっています。しかし、読み物でないく観るものですから、英語がわからなくても構いません。
PC 版と Smartphone 版がありますが、今回の PC 版は、Ballet の場合と違って YouTube は、すべて smartphone/tablet でみれますから、PC版さえ入手、あるいは読み放題にすれば、それで十分です。Verdi のオペラの世界は楽しいですよ。It's only a tap away.
この Digital Theater への Admission fee is only $3. いったん入ってしまえば、各オペラへは、Admission free ですよ。

In this Smartphone edition, all URL links work fine on your smartphones or tablets.
As mentioned in the introductory content of PC edition, not all the links embedded in PC edition don't work on your smartphones or tablets.
However as I have checked so far, even in PC edition all the YouTube links work fine. And strangely all the links of Wikipedia in Appendix work fine. I don't know why, only Amazon knows. As long as you view the operas, you don't have to purchase this Smartphone edition, which do not have any graphics. In PC edition, only the URL of the three lines "Stage Images, Wikipedia site and Libretto" don't work.

This is the second of my "Digital Theater Place" series.
The first is "Enjoy viewing ballet in Digital Theater Place".
It is only natural for me to pick up operas in my next "Digital Theater Place" productions.
It is also only natural to decide on Verdi's operas as the first productions. Verdi composed more than 25 operas. Not all of his operas are constantly staged in the opera theaters of the world. Here in this Digital Theater I chose eight most popular operas of Verdi.

As I mentioned in my introductory content for "Enjoy viewing ballets in Digital Theater Place", the following two comments on YouTube sites inspired me to start this "Digital Theater Place" series.

"My wife and I, who had never seen a full-length ballet before, watched this together and it is fair to say we were enraptured. Living in the heart of the Brazilian outback, YouTube is the only chance we ever have to see such things."

"This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. For once I'm happy to be alive."

By these comments I knew there are people in the world who can't go to the real theater because they live in the remote place, but who can still view ballets or operas on YouTube if they have devices with the Internet connection.
And they can be "happy to be alive" by seeing them, even though they can't attend the performances in the real theaters.

As you know, the big difference between "paper books" and Kindle books is that in Kindle books the URLs of the websites are embedded and just by clicking/tapping the URL you can jump to the websites (in this case YouTube sites) and start viewing ballets or operas or whatever stage performances of your choice.

Almost all of the Kindle books for sale in Kindle store are meant for reading, the adaptations of the "paper books" which were published either prior to the Kindle editions or simultaneously.

This Kindle book does not presuppose "paper book" and does not have paper edition. This is not meant for reading, but for viewing stage performances on YouTube, in this book Verdi's operas. As far as I know, this Kindle book (if it is to be called a book) is the first of this kind.
"Kindle book" not for reading, but for viewing ballets and operas". I hope you like the concept, enjoy ballets and operas, and recommend this book to your friends to share the joy of viewing the great performances of the great artists.

As the YouTube viewer's first comment above mentions, even the people who live in the heart of Brazilian outback now have Internet connection and view YouTube. Do you know that nowadays Bedouin in the Sahara deserts or the shepherds in the valleys of the Appalachian mountains or the valleys of Kashmir have smartphones with Internet access.

As if so, everybody who has the Internet connection with their devices visits Amazon's Kindle store and purchase this Digital Theater series. Then the wonderful world of operas, ballets and other stage performances are only click/tap away. And they feel happy to be alive.

After Verdi, this opera series will produce Puccini, other Italian operas and then Richard Strauss. Please look forward to the following series.






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