Reading Caravaggio on Wikipedia が販売中になりました。

 先に、Reading Vermeer on Wikipedia をKDP していますが、今回は、Caravaggio の肖像画を除く全作品の画像とその Wikipedia を curate したものです。すでに半分以上完成していたのを、この数日で 、今回は英語版として を main market として、ドル建てになっています。 の Kindle Store の画像です。もちろん のキンドルストアでも販売しています。

Billionaires collect expensive valuable works of art and establish art museums with their names. Bill Gates, one of the billionaires or maybe the wealthiest person in the world, have collected works of art.
However he didn't collect real works of art. What he has collected are not physical works of art. According to the website “How to get Bill Gates’ billion-dollar art collection for free”

"In the 1990s, Microsoft founder Bill Gates created a 22-foot-long “video wall” in his Seattle lakefront home. Gates spent many millions of dollars of his own money to create the world”s largest digital art library. The library contained thousands of digitized images of fine art and classic photos."

If he had tried to collect real works of art like the other billionaires, he could have collected only a few hundreds or rather less than ten works.
At the time when Bill Gates created his digital art gallery, digital images of the works of art were not uploaded on the websites. At that time the prevalent graphics file format are Bitmap (bmp) supported by Microsoft. The BMP file size is too big for the ordinary PC users to upload photos or graphic images onto the Internet and so there were not many graphic images of works of art on websites.
With the introduction of JPEG format whose file size is only one-tenth of BMP, many people started to upload their photos on the websites. The individual collectors of graphic works of art started to upload their collections. The forerunner was Olga’s Gallery. Then many public and private art museums followed suit. As a result, the Internet web sites were abundant with many photos and graphics of art of work.

As I heard, one of the executive members of Google wanted to find the photos uploaded by his friends and asked the Google search team to add “images” search to the search menu.
What is happening now? If I type in “Caravaggio paintings” in Google search box, and choose “images” in the menu, then voila! Instantaneously all of Caravaggio's paintings (I suppose so) appear on the screen of my Chromebook. And these graphics are “labeled for reuse with modification” under the "Usage rights" menu. Then I can download all the graphic images of Caravaggio’s paintings.
This Kindle book is a compilation of all the Caravaggio paintings except the paintings of portraits, which I don't care.
The paintings are chronologically curated with the URLs of Wikipedia sites corresponding to each painting. In Kindle book just by tapping/clicking the embedded links you can jump to those Wikipedia sites and learn about the corresponding paintings.
Now why don’t you hurry to open this Kindle book and start reading Caravaggio on Wikipedia.

Last, but not least. I strongly recommend you that you look at the paintings not on the small screen of your device, but on the wide screen of your TV set if you have one. I expect you know how to connect your device to your TV set with a HDMI cable.

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